Weight is a weighty issue for so many adults…and for so many children. We know it is so intricately linked to emotional well being, and when it isn’t right people can feel stuck and powerless. Together we can change that.

We love helping people with a really sensible approach to losing weight and keeping it off. Our proven programs are packed with education and empowerment, as well as individual support from one of the CHEW Core team who has walked the journey themselves. We only use world class nutritional support and science-based products.


Right Way

Ready for Change?

We heard all these comments from people who we have helped get happier and healthier. Does any of these sound like you?

  • I am happy with my weight but I want to get free of the cravings and sugar addiction once and for all
  • I want to lose pounds – sleep better – boost energy – feel lighter – be happy with me
  • I know it’s time to get serious. I need help to start shedding the excess weight. Now!
  • I know I’m letting food be in charge, and my children are copying me. I want to be a better role model!

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Real Life Stories

Check out any of our Real Life Stories. These are just a few of our articles featuring people who have already begun their journeys.

scale-crop-77x82pxWill-Power alone will never be enough.
If you have tried that approach before, you might relate to the ladies in this article.

Click here to read: “When Will-Power Is Not Enough”

20130223-114232.jpgClair H ~ 3 Weeks in : 1 stone 3lbs down so far…
Find out how a northern lass has found her first 3 weeks.
She tells it like it is!

Click here to read: “3 WEEKS IN “


Maxine S ~ 5 Days in : 6lbs down so far…
An emotionally tough few years, meant the weight crept on for this mum.
She talks about how she found her 5 Day RESET Detox.

Click here to read: “5 Days on the RESET Detox”

faith-117x122Faith G ~ Focus on the Long Term : 3 stone 8lbs and counting…
This mum had tried ‘all those things’ before, and she was still stuck.
She tells how she has finally made serious changes to her weight and health.

Click here to read : “Focus on the Long Term with Faith”

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