Want 2017 to have less ‘pushing through’?


Through schools I have visited, and the world of facebook, I am very aware of so many school staff struggling with illness this term – both mild and more serious – whether they have battled on or needed time off.


Then there are those who I know are really digging deep to push through exhaustion.


It really bothers me, as I know what that is like, I also know the impact it can have on children and I have learnt a lot about how to make it easier. So it is time to do something about it – the next ‘CHEW Initiative’, is being launched to support people working with children who want to make some simple changes so 2017 is a better experience for THEM personally and professionally.


Interested? Either pop a message here, send an email claire@chewinitiatives.com or pop me a message on the CHEW Initiatives FB page.



Parents push through…

…and if I know anything about teachers, other school staff and professionals, it is that they push through too.

What do I mean?

Most that I know, keep going for the sake of others, often beyond what their own body and brain can happily give. And then there is a crash; illness or some other way the body says STOP.





And if the ‘pushing through’ tiredness or illness or exhaustion was hard enough for you and those around you, dealing with the impact of the ‘stop’ is often harder; the guilt of not being there, letting others down or making more work for them. It’s hard and especially for the children involved. [Only yesterday I heard of another child who is really struggling and his teacher is off sick].


It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if it was different?

What if energy levels were higher?

What if thinking was clearer?

What if sleep was deeper?

What if immune systems were stronger?

Wouldn’t that mean there would be less ‘pushing through’ and more ease in being and doing what you do?


I know what it’s like 

I’m so very aware of the demands that parenting or working with children bring. I’ve been there in the trenches both as a first time puppy socialiser parent (don’t knock it – those first weeks were seriously hard core!!), as a teacher and as a therapist. I know what it was like (at times) slogging my way through doing my part in impacting a generation (and all their germs) and I know how it can be different. I made some simple changes that made ‘doing my part’ a whole different, and much better experience for me, and therefore those around me.


It is time for different

I want to support people who are ready for it to be different for them too.
People who want for them to be different.
For people who want 2017 to be about more days of ‘A’ game.

2017 could be different – or it could be the same.

‘Pushing through’ is not a long term strategy for life or for work. Not if you want to be effective and fruitful. Children know when we are struggling – although they might not know why, they always pick up on when we are not on our game.

  • If you are wanting it to be different then let me know (and I’m not talking about a whole-life-makeover or a 6 month sabbatical in the sun – in fact the tiny but significant changes I use and have shared with colleagues previously have made a BIG difference).
  • If you are keen to take steps forward in resourcing you to be even more effective in your role and as a role model then let me know.
  • If you are ready to up your ‘self-care’ game – or even get it started – then let me know.

I have developed a new initiative to help empower more parents and professionals to be their best and I am very excited about it. WHY? Because I know it will l make a difference.

Are you interested in being part of the first evolution?


Let me know.

Just get in touch and we’ll connect.


Either pop a message here, send an email claire@chewinitiatives.com or pop me a message on the CHEW Initiatives FB page.


Let’s get this on!