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Some of the CHEW training events have been so popular in the Midlands that they are now being requested in other locations.
If you resonate with what CHEW is all about and would like to collaborate then get in touch…



Keeping Ch Em Safe

Everybody knows that children should feel safe when they are at school. It is the hope of every parent and every adult working in a school…and yet the reality is often very different.  Exploring safety from the perspective of latest trauma research and discoveries in neuro-science, this powerful training includes plenty of practical ideas to make school a safer place for children to thrive.

Time: 1.5 – 3 hours as requested

Who: Entire staff team in 1 school

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Ess THp Comms Skills - Title image

To get the best out of a child is really quite simple, and yet it can be hit and miss as to whether a child is en-abled or dis-abled by the adult communicating with them.
Not everyone can train to be a children’s therapist, but this powerful, workshop-style course, equips staff with the essential basic therapeutic communication skills EVERYONE interacting with children needs to be fluent in.

Time: 2.5 hours

Who: ALL SLT, SENCOs, CFSWs, teachers, support staff,

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UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA for School Leaders and Key Influencers


A powerful, workshop-style course, where each school sends at least 2 delegates to ground the learning into the context of their school situation.
The focus is on understanding trauma and PTSD, how school helps and hinders these children, and relevant school policy issues to be considered.

Time: 3 hours

Who: Heads, Deputy Heads, SENCOs, CFSWs, Inclusion Managers, Pastoral Leaders from a locality

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Introduction to UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA ~ Staff Teams

Trauma-StaffA powerful, introduction to trauma and PTSD and what to be aware of in school. Case studies and real examples will enable everyone to explore how school helps and hinders these children. As well as a deeper understanding, staff will also receive simple and effective suggestions that can be applied straight away.

Time: 1.5 – 3 hours as requested

Who: Entire staff team in 1 school.

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Trauma Training for Therapeutic Specialists

Trauma Training-Therapists

A chance for CPD digging deeper into trauma, especially PTSD, including how trauma affects a body, mis-diagnosis, research around effective treatment etc.

Time: 1 Day (a half-day version could be considered)

Who: Anyone working with children in a therapeutic capacity. Play Therapists, Therapeutic Play Workers, trainee therapists, creative arts therapists etc.

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Play Therapy Taster Day

Play Therapy Taster Day font

A chance to learn and experience a little bit of what Play Therapy is about. Find out what it actually is and isn’t, the kind of children who benefit, explore new ways of being with children safely and consider if further training is for you.

Time: 1 day

Who: Any adult interested in finding out more and up-skilling themselves. (School and nursery staff members, parents, carers, grandparents etc)

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