Did we mention WE LOVE FOOD??! 

Concentration, energy, mood, self-esteem, life and love are all bound up in food. Here are some of our favourite ideas that will nourish body and soul… to see all our food selection (keep checking back as it keeps growing -why? – because we love food!).


There are so many amazing websites out there for endless hours of foodie-trawling fun, so we are focusing on what is most important to us – food ideas that are simple and health giving, in the form of soups, snacks and salads. Why these 3 categories? Well, in our experience soups and salads are the most popular food of choice in staff rooms (depending on the time of year) and parents often tell us that finding good snacks for their children is the hardest part of keeping them away from high-sugar-content-time-bombs.



For those who are just venturing into the land of healthier food, we have tried to make our recipes simple to follow – so let us know how you go!




We believe that food time should always be a happy time – digestion shuts off when we are stressed, so many of our recipes come with ideas for keeping children focused on having fun and feeling creative whilst they eat 😉




If you have a favourite soup, snack or salad recipe you’d like to share with the CHEW world (of all ages) then get in touch and let us know…



Courgette Soup (1) Avocado Brownies Avocado Brownies (2)
 nutty Choc balls_canva

Parsley Soup

 Oaty Banana Bites

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