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Sleep 201 : Fighting the Real Enemy, and the No.1 mistake parents make when it comes to bedtime fear

Many, many children go through a stage in their development when they don’t like going to bed, and the reasons can be many and varied. Parents often tell me their children are generally fine and ‘the behaviour’ only begins when it is time to start the bedtime routine. One dad I spoke to described in detail the battle that

Sleep 101 – 3 essential foundations for good quality sleep

Last week there was a documentary on British TV about children and sleep; a crisis hitting our younger generation. I’m sure we all know the horrible feeling of not having had enough sleep – it happens to us all from time to time. However, the additional knock-on effects of so many children not getting enough sleep as

“I don’t feel pain” – Exploring dissociation as a reason why not

You meet all sorts of people whilst out dog walking.   I met a man today who was wearing a jacket and shorts and trainers. I know it is now officially March – but I was wearing  a T-shirt, hoodie, and fleece. I also had a woolly hat, jeans, thick socks and warm walking boots.

Crucial things to ask yourself when life asks you to choose

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned… As many of you will know, Hinton has been a big part of my life for the last 16 months (make that 20 if you want to include the 4 months of crazy excitement and preparation from decision day until he actually arrived!!) The plan was;

Getting honest – when working with challenging children brings you to tears

We all know that being around challenging children is HARD. Being involved in their lives means that we have a significant role we are playing – and yet it can sometimes mean we think that to be doing a good job we have to keep it all together and not let others know how hard we are

Want 2017 to have less ‘pushing through’?

  Through schools I have visited, and the world of facebook, I am very aware of so many school staff struggling with illness this term – both mild and more serious – whether they have battled on or needed time off.   Then there are those who I know are really digging deep to push

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes you just need a mouthful of chocolaty yumminess that makes you stop and enjoy the moment. The sugar rush that comes from the traditional chocolates is obvious, but it is totally possible to get the same gorgeous ‘moment to savour’ from ingredients that celebrate natures natural sugars (mostly – leave out the alcohol if you

Halloween has been – but not necessarily gone ~ Helping a child who has been scared by something fictional they’ve seen.

I’m pretty sure it is not just me getting older, but I have been really struck over recent years by the amount of ‘Halloween’ in the shops and on the telly. I’m not just talking about pumpkins and broomsticks. It seems that a more prolific and much darker element to costumes and decorations has swept through

The down-side to having Pastoral Staff in school

So many times I have heard it said to me ‘we are doing ok, we have a learning mentor’ or ‘we have a nurture room‘ or ‘we have a child and family support worker’.   Even if it is not said specifically in those words, I have had more conversations than I want to count

Working with Children and Dogs -1 : Big for their age

SO many of you will already know that after 10 years of continuous work as a children’s therapist, often working with very complex cases, I have been on a sabbatical from my direct clinical work. Have I been sitting around twiddling thumbs for the last year? Umm No. Much of the advisory, consultancy and training