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From Grenfell to GROUNDED – A story behind the book

More than CPD In June last year (2017) I was in London for a few days. I was there to be part of a specialist training for further enhancing my skills and credentials of working with trauma and the body – with children. I was excited about the training – in fact I heard from

A plea to anyone thinking about starting counselling or therapy

This is an important message for anyone starting any professionally supported healing journey.   Anyone who knows me, knows I am an advocate for people of all ages, getting help and support when we need it. There are times we all need someone who is professional, appropriately trained, qualified and experienced to walk with us for

TRE – from a Mum’s perspective

Life starts throwing things at us from when we are small – and we learn to navigate, deal with, overcome or stuff them. Regardless, they have an impact on us, and so many parents find that ‘parenting’ brings many of these unresolved experiences and tensions to the surface. Being with an anxious parent always has an

BODY GRATITUDE ~ FREE ~ Guided Meditation

During our time here we have just one place to live – our earth suit – our body. Sometimes we are so busy living, doing or surviving that we can forget or neglect our body, which may mean we are forgetting or neglecting ourselves. Noticing can be the first step in becoming re-acquainted in the ongoing

Teachers, Bodies and TRE

  ” I was a teacher for 25 years…and you couldn’t be in your body as a teacher…you had to cope. “   A lovely lady said this to me on the last day of the TRE module in London that I was assisting at last week. She had been on a 3 day adventure

5 years on – the story after trauma…

It was 5 years ago yesterday that I was involved in a road traffic accident…  So not surprisingly, I have been quietly reflecting on all that has happened since. If you have ever heard me talk about it or read my book After The Crash, you will know that one of the best things that

More than Words

Just a few of the words that flow through everything that CHEW Initiatives is about. The reason it exists … the vision and the values are all in there. Enjoy pondering them. I have tried lots of times, but have to say it is impossible for me to consider these words and not be stirred,


The Best Way to Learn TRE… …is by starting with an Initial Consultation session, which gives us both a chance to meet each other, and you have the opportunity to be taken through the TRE process so you will know what will happen in future, should you decide to continue. Then, it is through a

Why I wrote ‘After The Crash – eBook’

 There seem to be so many people out there who, like me, have been through the experience of a car crash and survived, but they don’t really know what to do in the first days, weeks or months to help themselves recover and heal their mind as well as body. I believe that this is