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TRE – from a Mum’s perspective

Life starts throwing things at us from when we are small – and we learn to navigate, deal with, overcome or stuff them. Regardless, they have an impact on us, and so many parents find that ‘parenting’ brings many of these unresolved experiences and tensions to the surface. Being with an anxious parent always has an

Stress and inevitable symptoms of working in a school…?

This just came in from one of the senior teachers I have been supporting. It is shared here with permission. Everyone’s story is different of course – and if you are curious to change yours then please get in touch.   “Hi there I just wanted to send you a few words that sum up

Dear Headteacher… An open letter to a Head about staff wellbeing

Dear Headteacher Before I get on with follow-up emails for everyone I saw this morning, I wanted to take a moment to write and officially thank you.  I want to thank you for the way you are choosing to lead your school.  Thank you for making time and allowing your staff to have access to training around

I Don’t Have That Badge Anymore – a child free from PTSD

I don’t think I have ever shared direct words from any of my clients before. I have thought long and hard about doing it now, and the reason I am sharing what this incredible boy wrote as part of our closing process, was because HE wanted it shared. The idea that his experience can inspire

Nutrients change children… and families

I love, love, love it when we give a child the right level of nutrients their body needs. The changes that can come from this simple step are sometimes quietly significant, and sometimes they are so massive they make me want to shout from the rooftops!   I just got this feedback from one of

“We Feel Supplements Played a Vital Part” ~ Testimony from Adopting Parents

Those who are familiar with the CHEW ethos, will know that we like to work holistically wherever possible. It is so important as health; physical, mental and emotional well-being IS all connected. We understand how stress impacts a body and wherever we can, we help others understand that too. Children who have experienced a high

“I haven’t been ill this term”

That feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands? That feeling of getting through a day in school with all the usual demands AND feeling like you are coming down with (or already have) something? You might be interested to read this – sent in from one of the SLT

5 years on – the story after trauma…

It was 5 years ago yesterday that I was involved in a road traffic accident…  So not surprisingly, I have been quietly reflecting on all that has happened since. If you have ever heard me talk about it or read my book After The Crash, you will know that one of the best things that