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Communicating with children when they say “it’s boring!”

The other day I overheard a child tell his teacher he didn’t want to go home. Why not? “Because it’s boring.” As soon as I heard him I started to wonder what he really meant. I never got to find out as the teacher started cajoling him with all the exciting things he could do at

BODY GRATITUDE ~ FREE ~ Guided Meditation

During our time here we have just one place to live – our earth suit – our body. Sometimes we are so busy living, doing or surviving that we can forget or neglect our body, which may mean we are forgetting or neglecting ourselves. Noticing can be the first step in becoming re-acquainted in the ongoing

What to Say and Do When a Therapist is Absent

What can seem like such a small thing can actually have a massive impact on a child. When a child is working with a therapist in school, when that therapist cannot be there HOW THE MESSAGE is communicated to that child is CRUCIAL. I know from personal experience what can happen if this is not

Endings… Before they happen ~ How to ‘end well’ for mental well-being

Fact – life is full of beginnings and endings Fact – both beginnings and ending can be precious or painful, significant or nondescript. The kind of endings I am thinking about right now, are the ones that you know are coming, the ones you get to do a count down to, the ones that, even

Christmas in School… a seasonal reflection on overwhelm

Overwhelm Burnout Compassion fatigue Stress Exhaustion Crazy I have heard all these words in the last few weeks as I have spoken with a variety of professionals working in and with schools. So many children are struggling. The need is still huge… and that may or may not change anytime soon. For those who resonate

‘Transition’ – What Does it REALLY Mean?

The last few weeks of school and most staff are counting the weeks if not days, or should I say more specifically, ‘get ups’. Time speeds up…so many extra things to get done, reports, trips, sports days, assemblies, parties (or graduation balls- still can’t get my head around the fact that 11 year-old’s go to ‘balls’

Why I wrote ‘After The Crash – eBook’

 There seem to be so many people out there who, like me, have been through the experience of a car crash and survived, but they don’t really know what to do in the first days, weeks or months to help themselves recover and heal their mind as well as body. I believe that this is