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5 Reasons why having a Therapist in school is harder than it seems

While we all continue to raise our voices and advocate for better provision for the mental health of children and young people, we need to talk about what is already happening. It may be that we can make what is there even better, even more effective. Many organisations are suggesting we need a play therapist

From Grenfell to GROUNDED – A story behind the book

More than CPD In June last year (2017) I was in London for a few days. I was there to be part of a specialist training for further enhancing my skills and credentials of working with trauma and the body – with children. I was excited about the training – in fact I heard from

How to get Children to Take their vitamins

Children are amazing. They have incredible persistence, creative thinking, problem solving skills and they LOVE tackling a challenge…especially one that adults have failed to conquer. šŸ˜‰ So what? So, why don’t we remember this when it comes to getting them taking their vitamins? There is a larger issue at work here, which I need to

Prawn + Mango Laksa-type Creation

I love Thai food. I am currently doing the CHEW Trim Down together with a bunch of lovely parents and professionals, and when I shared this creation in our fb group the requests for the recipe came in. Easier said than done as really I just played in my kitchen, made it up as I

SLEEP 301: The Bogeyman and monsters under the bed ~ Empowering children to overcome their bedtime fears

Last time I mentioned the number one mistake that parents make over and over again when it comes to children who are scared about going to bed. You can read it again here. When we stop and think about it. No one would want a child to be scared in their own home. There are

FREE Telephone Consultation ~ Sometimes just 1 Significant Conversation can make all the difference

SometimesĀ parents or education professionals feel overwhelmed. It can be so easy to have stuff going on and feel like you don’t know which way to turn, what to do for the best, or even what the real options are. Whether it’s about you, your child, or something else, your family and friends – if you

Sleep 201 : Fighting the Real Enemy, and the No.1 mistake parents make when it comes to bedtime fear

Many, many children go through a stage in their development when they don’t like going to bed, and the reasons can be many and varied. Parents often tell me their children are generally fine and ‘the behaviour’ only beginsĀ when it is time toĀ start the bedtime routine. One dadĀ I spoke to described in detail theĀ battle that

Routine at Christmas – a gift for worried, anxious and down-right scared children

Hinton loves routine.Ā  Post morning run – Kong bliss before sleep… He really does. He has always had a sensitive temperament. Routine helps him know where he is, what is coming next, and he likes that.   We are at the stage now where he knows there is a period of timeĀ to wait (for digestion)

Halloween has been – but not necessarily gone ~ Helping a child who has been scared by something fictional they’ve seen.

I’m pretty sure it is not just me getting older, but I have been really struckĀ over recent years by the amount of ‘Halloween’ in the shops and on the telly. I’m not just talking about pumpkins and broomsticks. It seems that a more prolific and much darker element to costumes and decorations has swept through

Trumping Consistency – 7 tips for Choosing a Child’s Next Teacher

This time of year is significant for many reasons. Football tournaments, Tennis tournaments, National and International athletics championships…(I’m not going to mention the obvious politically ‘interesting’ time in the UK at the moment)… But for those schools who are mindful of the precious children within their communities who find thingsĀ extra hard because of what they