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I Don’t Have That Badge Anymore – a child free from PTSD

I don’t think I have ever shared direct words from any of my clients before. I have thought long and hard about doing it now, and the reason I am sharing what this incredible boy wrote as part of our closing process, was because HE wanted it shared. The idea that his experience can inspire

What to Say and Do When a Therapist is Absent

What can seem like such a small thing can actually have a massive impact on a child. When a child is working with a therapist in school, when that therapist cannot be there HOW THE MESSAGE is communicated to that child is CRUCIAL. I know from personal experience what can happen if this is not

The Day I Wasn’t There – how therapist absence impacted a child’s therapy

Any professional play therapist working in a school or other setting will have a set of procedures that their colleagues know to follow if, for any reason, they cannot be there unexpectedly. I went through my procedures with every single school who referred children to me, during the pre-clinical phase of setting up work with each child.

Endings… Before they happen ~ How to ‘end well’ for mental well-being

Fact – life is full of beginnings and endings Fact – both beginnings and ending can be precious or painful, significant or nondescript. The kind of endings I am thinking about right now, are the ones that you know are coming, the ones you get to do a count down to, the ones that, even

Christmas in School… a seasonal reflection on overwhelm

Overwhelm Burnout Compassion fatigue Stress Exhaustion Crazy I have heard all these words in the last few weeks as I have spoken with a variety of professionals working in and with schools. So many children are struggling. The need is still huge… and that may or may not change anytime soon. For those who resonate

Training Course for Therapeutic Specialists

I have come to know a fair bit about trauma… through my various therapeutic trainings, Masters research and real life lessons! From this combination of knowledge and real-lived experience I want to help more therapeutic professionals understand how trauma impacts a child and what to do to help them. If you work therapeutically with children or

Who is working with your children? (on Broken Boilers and Brain Surgeons)

In real life, if your boiler is leaking you need a plumber.   If you need brain surgery you don’t call on your dentist. A recent conversation with some delegates on one of my courses has had me pondering. Why is it, if in the rest of life when we need specialist help we seek


Have you heard about PLAY THERAPY? Have you thought it might be something for you? Are you keen to learn some new approaches to enhance your current work with children? Have you wondered what it actually is and what type of children actually benefit? Are you considering training but would like to have a taster

What is Play Therapy?

“Amazing”     “Magic”       “Profound”      “Lifeline” These are some of the words I have heard people use to describe the changes in children after they attend Play Therapy sessions. If a child is ready to process things that may have happened to them in the past, things they are experiencing

Let go and Bless

I just have to take time to honour a very special 5 year old. I have had the privilege of sharing 45 mins every week with him, for the last 18 months. By the age of 4 he had already experienced more trauma in his lifetime than I have in mine. I will spare the