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Nutty Choc Balls

I always loved Snickers bars – any combination of nuts and chocolate is a winner in my mind…but the added sugar and processed ingredients really don’t need to be there. When your taste buds AND your cells are nourished you know you are onto a good thing. Believe me – try these raw food beauties that don’t

How a Dad Affected his Family through Drink

One of the children I used to work with, was part of a family of 5.  Through regular contact and updates with both parents I had a clear sense of the bigger picture they were all living with. So imagine this : going through multiple traumatic experiences as a family – and still struggling to

Golden Soup

This soup recipe is based on one by Nigella which I found last year. I stood in the supermarket reading the ingredients in the frankfurters she includes and I physically couldn’t bring myself to buy them, eat them or serve them up to people I love. So I tweeked it and made it my own.

Avocado Chocolate Brownies

This is based on a recipe I found on the web. I was looking for healthy solutions to the moments when nothing but chocolate will do! Oh my word – what a find – gluten free, grain free and dairy free – this is ALL healthy and so you can munch as much as you

Curried Courgette Soup (aka Shrek Soup)

This is based on a recipe I found ages ago in a charity soup book – I tried it out as it seemed simple and quick to do… and from the first mouthful it was a winner! The original had LOADS more cream cheese in – so this is a healthier version – and I

More than Words

Just a few of the words that flow through everything that CHEW Initiatives is about. The reason it exists … the vision and the values are all in there. Enjoy pondering them. I have tried lots of times, but have to say it is impossible for me to consider these words and not be stirred,

Running Lighter

Jo R. is a mum in the Midlands. Although she is a runner, she still felt the ‘weight’ of carrying too much excess around with her, and was a self-confessed sugar addict. She allowed a friend’s journey to inspire her and started out on her own road to better health. This is her story, we

Your Health – Nutrition for all Generations

FREE EVENT PASSES reserved for CHEW Network SATURDAY APRIL 27th, 1.30pm-4.30pm, WATFORD We have just found out we have some free tickets allocated to people connected with the CHEW network so if you want to learn from experts then CONTACT US now… having heard these doctors speak before, the seats will not hang about for


Faith G had already tried ‘all those types of things’ before. She eventually gave our program a go…and has discovered 2 things – it’s different and it works! We have been so impressed with her tenacity over the long term to stay focused on what she wanted and why. She is currently down 3 stone

5 DAY DETOX ~ Maxine S

Maxine S decided it was time for change…and let a friend’s recommendation help her start her journey back to health after a few years that have been really emotionally tough. This is how she found the 5 Day Detox… Where do you live? In Droylsden, Manchester. Do you have or work with children – if so