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How to get Children to Take their vitamins

Children are amazing. They have incredible persistence, creative thinking, problem solving skills and they LOVE tackling a challenge…especially one that adults have failed to conquer. 😉 So what? So, why don’t we remember this when it comes to getting them taking their vitamins? There is a larger issue at work here, which I need to

Prawn + Mango Laksa-type Creation

I love Thai food. I am currently doing the CHEW Trim Down together with a bunch of lovely parents and professionals, and when I shared this creation in our fb group the requests for the recipe came in. Easier said than done as really I just played in my kitchen, made it up as I

FREE Telephone Consultation ~ Sometimes just 1 Significant Conversation can make all the difference

Sometimes parents or education professionals feel overwhelmed. It can be so easy to have stuff going on and feel like you don’t know which way to turn, what to do for the best, or even what the real options are. Whether it’s about you, your child, or something else, your family and friends – if you

Sleep 101 – 3 essential foundations for good quality sleep

Last week there was a documentary on British TV about children and sleep; a crisis hitting our younger generation. I’m sure we all know the horrible feeling of not having had enough sleep – it happens to us all from time to time. However, the additional knock-on effects of so many children not getting enough sleep as

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles

Sometimes you just need a mouthful of chocolaty yumminess that makes you stop and enjoy the moment. The sugar rush that comes from the traditional chocolates is obvious, but it is totally possible to get the same gorgeous ‘moment to savour’ from ingredients that celebrate natures natural sugars (mostly – leave out the alcohol if you

Nut-free Chocolate Festive Truffles

So I made the Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles. They were SO GORGEOUS I really wanted to share them – but when your best friend is highly allergic to nuts, it was not going to happen. But I LOVE to share good things I discover or learn about – so I figured out a way to

Nutrients change children… and families

I love, love, love it when we give a child the right level of nutrients their body needs. The changes that can come from this simple step are sometimes quietly significant, and sometimes they are so massive they make me want to shout from the rooftops!   I just got this feedback from one of

Oaty Banana Bites

I love having nutritious snacks to hand – knowing that you can reach into the tin whenever you want and eat tasty, wholesome ingredients, without spiking blood sugar levels is just the best. When your taste buds AND your cells are nourished you know you are onto a good thing. Many nutritious snack recipes contain nuts,

“We Feel Supplements Played a Vital Part” ~ Testimony from Adopting Parents

Those who are familiar with the CHEW ethos, will know that we like to work holistically wherever possible. It is so important as health; physical, mental and emotional well-being IS all connected. We understand how stress impacts a body and wherever we can, we help others understand that too. Children who have experienced a high

Hunger in School

It is funny what you remember. I was in a reception classroom this week just as it was heading to lunchtime. The children all lined up at the door, and waited… and with the hubbub of their chatter, and the change in energy in the room as they became more and more hungry and wondering