We all know that life can be stressful. Whether we feel it or not, our bodies; limbs, organs, systems right down to our tiny-weeny-yet-ever-so-crucial cells, are affected by the food we eat, the liquids we drink, the things that happen to us, the air we breathe and the thoughts we have.


“Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies,
telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives.”

~ Marilyn Ferguson ~


We all know that we can make different choices on what we put in our mouths, but we can’t always avoid stressful situations – some of us live or work in them day in day out. SO what can be done to help our bodies… ?


Making Science Accessible

The science of what happens in our body when we are stressed is well documented in the fields of physiology, trauma, and nutrition. We have spent a lot of time learning from people at the fore-front of each of these fields to make sure everything we pass on through our events and 1:1 coaching is rooted in science. However – sometimes too much science can be like dry crackers… we love to share stories too – makes it easier to CHEW, swallow and digest  😉



If you would like to explore specific requirements for your own body and situation then, of course, you can get in touch.

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TRE – Tension Releasing Exercises

tre-banner-shrt-100x288pxTRE is such a brilliant way to help the body turn off the internal ‘state of alarm’ and re-balance your nervous system. If you feel like you have lots of tension – maybe you’ve been carrying it around for years, you might be having trouble functioning in your body or just long to feel calm and grounded again, this might be something to consider. Haven’t heard of it before? That doesn’t surprise me, but the rate it is growing in the UK – you soon will have! You can keep ahead of the curve and find out more here.



Nutritional Supplements


The impact that physical, emotional and mental stress can have on our cells is significant. It is wisdom in today’s society to be eating as well as you can, and yet not expecting that all of your nutritional requirements are being met through food alone: they are not. That is why it is important to us to help educate people on what kinds of supplements are important at different ages, how to know which is a ‘good’ supplement as they are not all created equal, and give our CHEW family access to the most reputable brand and quality products we know of world wide. Get in touch if you want to know more.


Inspirational Impact


How a Dad Affected his Family through Drink
One conversation with this Dad brought him a change he thought he’d never have.
For a family that were well acquainted with extreme stress, it changed things for his wife and 3 children too.

Click here to read what happened

CC-sm-82x82pxClare C ~ On Health and Reception Chairs…

This teacher chats us through the impact that teaching was taking on her health.
She tells us how she had to get proactive to increase her physical resilience.

Click here to read : “Clare C ~ On Health and Reception Chairs”

not feeling well-82x82px

“I haven’t been ill this term!” …
An insight to what one SLT teacher found after a few months on her recommended nutritional products.

Click here to read : “I haven’t been ill this term!”


Weighty Issues

For many people weight is a big part of their story of life. There are many reasons why your weight might not be what you’d like it to be, which could include past experience, abuse, eating patterns, stress levels, and more. One thing is for sure – there is an weight epidemic going on and our children are a part of it. We want to do our part to help change this one child, one family, one class at a time…Children are needing more and more adult role models who are living healthy lives – and that’s where we come in. READ more here. Get in touch if you want to explore some options for you.

scale-crop-77x82pxWill-Power alone will never be enough.
If you have tried that approach before, you might relate to the ladies in this article.

Click here to read: “When Will-Power Is Not Enough”


Faith G ~ Focus on the Long Term : 3 stone 8lbs and counting…
This mum had tried ‘all those things’ before, and she was still stuck.
She tells how she has finally made serious changes to her weight and health.

Click here to read : “Focus on the Long Term with Faith”

Clar-Hatttie-82x83pxImpressions from Hattie

Now and again you meet someone who really makes an impression on you.
Bullied in childhood, Hattie’s story is a powerful reminder of the connected-ness of experience, emotions, and health.

Click here to read : “Impressions from Hattie”

CHEW-able Nuggets ~ Recipe Ideas

We love food!!! Concentration, energy, mood, self-esteem, life and love are all bound up in food. Here are some of our favourite ideas that will nourish body and soul… to see all our food selection (keep checking back as it keeps growing – because we love food!) click here. 



Curried Courgette Soup (aka Shrek Swamp Soup)
A simple and super tasty soup that could well be eaten by Shrek in his swamp.

Click to get the recipe: Curried Courgette Soup (aka Shrek Swamp Soup)


choc-brownies-82x82pxAvocado Chocolate Brownies
These are gorgeous chocolate brownies that are full of only healthy ingredients.
No need to monitor the snack box when these are inside!

Click to get the recipe: Avocado Chocolate Brownies


golden-soup-82x82Golden Soup
A simple soup that is really filling and full of goodnesses.

Click to get the recipe: Golden Soup



…and because this is CHEW – and because it is all connected …

remember the children around you are always impacted by WHO you are.


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