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A non-fatal traffic collision takes just a moment in time,  but the real impact is often invisible and can last much longer.  Aside from the extent of damage done to vehicles,  the effects on those involved can be significant.

This guide puts people at the centre. 


After the Crash Book


Written from the wisdom of experience,  this guide is real and insightful.

Claire has a unique and thoughtful style, which makes this practical guide is easy to read, honest and relevant.

It has already proved to be helpful for those navigating the emotional,  mental and physical journey to recovery after a road traffic collision.


“I hope that one day your book will be given to everyone who presents at their GP or A&E Department after a car crash. Being given a copy of this book immediately following a collision might prevent years of unnecessary suffering.”  Psychotherapist, NLP practitioner.


Written in 2 parts it contains invaluable information:-

Part 1 to encourage those who have been in a collision

Part 2 to equip friends, family, colleagues of those who survived

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Thank you so much for sharing that Claire. She (N) burst into tears when she read it, and said ‘someone really understands what she is going through’. You are an angel. CF


Claire, thanks so much for taking the time to put all that together. Fantastic advice. I’m certain it will help my friend. Especially for all the hidden and underlying issues that you couldn’t hope to be aware of.

Thanks again,



Hi Claire…Thank you for everything today, you’ve been the first person to take me seriously & understand. As you suggested I went to the GP and he gave me codine and signed me off for a week. I burst into tears when I sat down! My partner told me not to cry as it’s bad for me as it tenses me up… You get some idea of what I’m living with!! He’s doing practical support now by getting my prescription & dinner! Thanks again. CL

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