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…because it’s all connected.

Claire Wilson is highly experienced in working with children, parents and professionals. She is passionate about helping people understand the connections between emotional well being and physical health, creating the right environment where people are empowered to increase their resilience and reach their potential.

Her specific expertise in helping children and adults understand and emerge from trauma, is rooted in many years of professional practice and her own personal experience.



Whether you meet her in a clinical or other professional capacity, in her characteristic, safe, insightful and creative way she will likely be focusing on children, health and/or emotional wellbeing… because it IS all connected.

Services Offered

• Parent consultations •
• Therapeutic work with parents/children •
• Therapeutic work with trauma survivors •
• TRE sessions for stress reduction •
• QEC sessions for belief change •
• Personal & Professional development •

Using an integrated, client-centered model Claire creates a safe environment for her clients to be empowered on their journey to healing. She finds that including ways that express what’s happening without using words, enables change to happen at the subconscious level – where it is more dynamic, natural and long lasting.

• Speaker • Lecturer • Workshop Facilitator • Writer •
• School Therapeutic Advisory work •

A gifted communicator and teacher, Claire is able to engage her audience, whatever their age, and help them explore things from a child’s perspective. Often referred to as ‘insightful’, ‘passionate’ and ‘engaging’ her audience regularly leaves envisioned, equipped and inspired.


Claire is the author of GROUNDED ~ Discovering the Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Children’s Behaviour

“I’ve read loads of books around behaviour and relationships and nothing brings about the understanding that this one does.”  Inclusion Manager

“Brilliant!  Such important messages and practical ideas, which should be essential knowledge for all professionals who work with children.”  Teacher

“I wanted to keep reading! I found it such useful insight for myself and my daughter, with tools to help us both. Thank you. Lots.”   Parent




Qualifications & Accreditations

  • MA In Practice-Based Play Therapy (Trauma specialism) with CCCU / APAC
  • Accredited Play Therapist
  • TRE Certified Provider
  • QEC Practitioner
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (Senior status) of Play and Creative Arts Therapies
  • Experienced Teacher FS, KS 1&2
  • Full and enhanced CRB
  • Full Insurance with Oxygen
  • Member of PTUK


Contact her if you’d like to discuss ideas.

What people have said…Accreditations

“I’ve been carrying tension around in my body for years –
now it’s calmer and I feel a weight is off my shoulders.”

“It has given me my family back.”

“There are other people out there who go through this & they should be able to know about this treatment.”

It’s been a real eye opener to realize this type of help is available for trauma.

Thank you so so much. Without this I might not be here today…literally.

An excellent session – schools would be much better places if staff were offered more opportunities like these.

It was so good to have an opportunity to talk honestly and confidentially and be given such effective support. Thank you.

Claire used a variety of strategies and techniques to move me beyond traditional ‘talking’ methods to understand what motivates me professionally and personally. I particularly like the use of art techniques as a way of sharing ideas from my subconscious.

The pace of the session was excellent and gave plenty of time for reflection. Although there was a clear structure, I didn’t feel as if I was being led by someone else’s agenda. I felt really nurtured and ‘heard’ by Claire. I felt able to really express some of my underlying passions about work and what motivates me in life, without worrying that I would be judged professionally.

Best lecture so far!

You really engaged with me and have given me insight into something I knew nothing about before. Thank you!

Truly inspiring.

Just want to thank you for such a helpful session. I feel like I have learnt so much about how to deal with situations that happen…


Very powerful. Thought provoking.

What an inspiring session! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it.

Excellent talk – thank you Claire.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your input over the past couple of weeks. I finally felt like someone ‘on the outside’ understood. You gave me the energy to revisit my practice with the case in question and also to plan support for the family for the future. I cannot thank you enough.


Thanks Claire for teaching me so carefully and tracking me through this journey – I can’t quite put into words the difference TRE is making.
Just sort of life changing and fab 😉 

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