CHEW Initiatives is the working out of a dream:

to see change so much bigger than 1 person can affect.

CHEW is all about Children, Health and Emotional Wellbeing ~ because it’s all connected.

The bare truth is that this young generation are battling 2 major challenges: the impact of hidden trauma and an epidemic of obesity.  There is hope to change the alarming trajectory this generation is on, through the adults who are around these children.

You see, we know that children learn all the important things in life – the things that stay with them and affect who they become, in body and mind, through relationship. To make a real difference in the lives of the children, it is not so much about what you do, but most importantly who you are.

CHEW Initiatives exists to support, inspire and empower the health and wellbeing of adults passionate about children, be they professionals or parents, so that in turn they become congruent role models, supporters and mentors that change the destiny of this generation, one child at a time.

Founded by Claire Wilson, CHEW is a growing network of people who understand that it’s all important – because it’s all connected. That’s not to say that everyone connected with CHEW feels they have got it sussed in all these areas – but they are on the road and wanting to keep moving forward – for themselves…and the sake of the children they know.



If this is something you want to learn more about – and maybe be a part of, then you’d be welcome to join us. Sign up for our newsletter on the right, and connect with us via email, twitter or pigeon if you prefer. Either way – if you share our heart, let us know – we are growing stronger…. and the dream that we could positively affect the lives of thousands of children, is getting closer everyday, because of who we are becoming together.

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